Amazing Interior Color Pastel

Interior color pastel – The clear blue sea, fresh colors green leaves, red, yellow, purple flowers and orange fruits. There are so many colors in nature that make life more beautiful and colorful. Man has always wanted to discover and create new basic colors of the 7 colors of the rainbow and is quite successful in doing so. But the way these colors have made a very interesting discovery. Previously, flowers and fruits were the only means of making color but today these colors can be found in the form known as cake. The color used in pastels is used in all forms of art such as oil paintings and watercolors. However, the binder used is of a neutral color saturation is low and therefore binds well with the pigments. These pastel arts usually come in the form of bars or colored pencils and make a 12 to a maximum of 95 tones. Check out what are the different colors found in this colorful pastel palate.

What are the pastel colors?

They are defined as light and dark tones of any color that is in the form of bars or colored pencils made with the combination of a pigment and a binder. Can you have your own collection of these pastel pencils as they come in every possible shade of VIBGYOR? These are rated as cold and warm colors of these seven basic and each of these seven colors are three ways namely them. It is absolutely unimaginable amount of colors you can get out of this combination, but there are very attractive. There are four types of pastels which we refer to in the following paragraphs, namely, halftone, dye colors , light and dark colors of interior color pastel

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Halftone colors

These colors are often regarded as basic or premium colors which are made extra and shadow combination. As mentioned above, these colors have shapes halftone cold and hot cakes and have about 10 basic colors. These are as follows;

  • Warm Red : Scarlet, Permanent red, and red poppy
  • Red chilly :  Crimson, Carmine, and madder red
  • Orange : Orange and Mid permanent
  • Cold yellow : Lemon Yellow
  • Warm green : Permanent Phthalo Green
  • Cold Green : Teal and Aquamarine
  • Warm blue : Deep ultramarine, French ultramarine
  • Cold blue : cerulean blue, and turquoise
  • Warm violet : red purple
  • Cold violet : violet blue ultramarine

These 10 basic colors halftone are all you need to pass your dye colors .

Dye colors

These colors also depend on each of the 10 basic pastel shades have. Each of these halftone colors are now divided into 6 single dye tones , for example , when taking into account the 6 tonnes of cold blue tint , then the first will Turquoise 1, which is the darkest and Turquoise 6 is the most light dye colors . Similarly, all 10 basic colors have their 6 colors from dark to light and are numbered respectively. These colors are created by the combination of the mid- tone color pigments and are held together with binders used in the manufacture of such cakes.

The light and dark colors

As in the dyes, basic 10 warm and cool shades colors mid have their light and dark shadows. Referring to the aforementioned list of hot and cold colors, all colors except two have their light and dark shadows. Orange however, only light colors yellow and so do cold. Since there is no in these darker shades, which are used in their natural forms. The darker shade of red orange is warm and the darker color is orange yellow, which are best used originally when you choose interior color pastel.

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