Building healthy home for you

Building healthy home – I’ll try to make a section devoted to a subject that is completely forgotten when planning the construction of our home. I’ll hang this section with inputs and tips on this important issue so important to emphasize to achieve a healthy environment in our home. Besides the importance of respecting a number of basic general rules regarding safety, keep in mind that the issue is compounded in an exponential manner as a member of our family has any allergies more slight it may be.

The bad news is that 40 % or more of the population suffer from some form of allergy with or without knowledge of it. Talk about allergies because it is extremely important to keep the house as minimum levels to allergens and irritants. Minimum levels mean that it is almost impossible to eradicate all of them since they are natural and artificial forms around us as part of our own existence.

Before turning to make building healthy home foundations, reinforced structures, tearing down walls and ceilings, rehabilitation or reconstruction must observe the moisture content of the house we bought and we want to reconstruct or rehabilitate. I already made a small introduction at the entrance about health and forged their specific mission in the house. The issue was nothing more than an introduction to the major world welfare.

The welfare means not only sit comfortably watching a game or a movie on TV. Welfare also means that our body will feel right at home, you will always be on top and if unfortunately, suffer from an allergy; this will be minimized in the healthy environment we have created.

Remember that in a normal bed may have up to 10,000 mites with about two million eggs. I do not want to scare you, but I would think more about priorities. We can have everything, but there is an order and that order can not to the bullfighter.

When you purchase an old house seek the humidity, ventilation comprobad, possible sources of moisture or water. The moisture comes in three main ways: by a direct entrance from the outside by capillary that is ascending and the existing condensation inside the house.

All these forms of existence moisture penetration or seem ridiculous and easy to eradicate, but it is not that simple. Years ago I read that in severe cases, in the U.S., had to use magnetic fields to solve problems using electrodes capillary. It’s not a joke. You can spend a fortune, does not solve the problem and also ill put you in the hands of a person who knows how to eradicate a humidity of a house. Do not spend a penny until sure that you are not going to the humidity of the house and timely that a recent coat of paint does not cover your eyes to a great source of microbes and discomfort.

Talk about condensation, external inputs moisture and condensation caused by poor ventilation and excessive heat in the home. Mites are very comfortable at 25 ° C and a relative humidity above 70 %. Cockroaches gather around sources of moisture and mold is shown that resists everything but alcohol solution lowered to 70%. In another post we will list a few diseases caused by parasites and microbes inevitably existing in our home. We also have to add the irritating products which make up almost everything around us and allow us to maintain the so-called “standard of living”. It seemed to make this humble little reflection before entries start putting down how walls and ceilings of building healthy home, formwork, paving or painting. The first battle is against moisture. All living beings have a right to life, but there is an even more fundamental right to survival.


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